Overcome Global Economic Chalenges

"Until we extend the circle of compassion to all living beings, we shall not find peace"
- Albert Schweitzer

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  • Through these past years of working in the Financial Services arena.
  • WORLD ASSET GROUP has formed strong alliances and contacts in the world of high-finance. Thereby, allowing us to facilitate the needs of our clients.
  • WORLD ASSET GROUP upon reviewing the client’s business plans, financial reports, feasibility studies, etc., will then make an assessment on the validity of the project. We will do further analysis in order to create sound structure and business plan to put forward to the investors. We make our presentations and recommendations to the funders; and advise the client their options.
  • WORLD ASSET GROUP’S financial resources range from Foundations ( for profit), Private Banks, Merchant Banks, Private Trusts, Hedge Funds, Trade Platforms, Private Investors, Financial Institutions, Private Placements, Strategic Partners and High-Net Worth Individuals.
  • WORLD ASSET GROUP finances projects that are in excess of 25M and up – both USD and EUR. Therefore, it is imperative that we deal with investors (institutional and private) that have assets of 100BN and above.

WORLD ASSET GROUP works with investors that can handle loans such as:

  •  Zero Interest to Very Low Interest Rates
  •  60% To 90% Financing  LTV Financing
  •  Conventional Loans
  •  Structured Finance
  •  JV Options